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Certified Financial Planning and
Tax and Business Accountant Practice centred in Brisbane

What kind of Clients do we service as a Brisbane Tax and Business Accountant and Certified Financial Planning Practice? What is our service like? Please see what our clients have to say:

Paul Shergold
Iris & John Gillingham
Len & Bev Downey
John Cooney
Eddie & Marian Harvey
Ben Harvey

We provide licensed tax and business accountant and certified financial planning practice services to clients’ that are predominantly located in Queensland and Brisbane, many of whom are located in Queensland’s South East corner. 

We also have a number of valued clients located all around Australia, particularly New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT.  We also have some clients currently located overseas.

Our clients include:

Engineering Consultants
General Medical Practitioners
Information Technology Consultants
Property Developers
Engineering Services
Design, Engineering and Electrical Draftspersons
Education Consultants
Mechanical Engineering Services
Real Estate Consultants
Financial Independent Retirees
Financially Independent People
Property Management Consultants
Waste Management Contractors

How do we organise our Brisbane centred accountant and financial planning practice? How do we service these clients located around the country?

We have accountants located in regional areas around Queensland and New South Wales, and we have our central office located in the Brisbane office providing back up and support to these staff and the clients they service

Our Brisbane based practice is comprised of 3 professional teams – accounting and tax consulting, business consulting and financial planning and investment. But we work closely together to provide a thorough and proactive service that is tailored to the objectives and service requirements outlined by each client.

Nevertheless these 3 different services are of course provided in accordance with different regulatory environments. In addition these teams work via 3 separate trading businesses, so that we are more easily able to focus on meeting the different compliance obligations with the relevant regulators. (The regulatory and supervisory requirements of each of these operations is somewhat different - hence our use of different business entities to deal with the particular needs of each operation).

Our business as a whole is known as Keystone Group, and each individual business is knows as Keystone Financial & Investment, Keystone Accounting, and so on.

The Brisbane accountant and financial planning practice is controlled and owned by Andre Cox and Sherman Jenner who are the Directors of the businesses and have equal ownership. Andre has 25 years experience as a business and tax accountant in public practice. Sherman Jenner is a Certified Financial Planner with 7 years experience as a Financial Planner in public practice specialising on business people and executives.

Keystone Accounting Pty Ltd
ABN 63 116 997 712
Registered Tax Agent

This is regulated by the Australian Taxation Office in the first instance - in its capacity as a registered corporate tax agent. Obviously it is also regulated under the general corporation’s law like all companies.

All taxation and accounting services are provided by this business. This business does provide s personal financial planning or investment advice as regulated by the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC). This service is provided by Keystone Financial & Investment Pty Ltd.

Keystone Business Consulting Pty Ltd

ABN 44 116 997 632

This is regulated like all companied by the Corporations Law and other commercial legislation and regulations effecting the business services industry.

All business consulting services are provided by this business. This Brisbane business does not provide taxation, accounting or personal financial planning or investment advice as regulated by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) or Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC). These services are provided by Keystone Financial & Investment Pty Ltd (Financial & Investment Advice and Services) and Keystone Accounting Pty Ltd (Tax and Accounting Services).

Keystone Financial & Investment Pty Ltd
ABN 59 097 933 545

Corporate Authorised Representative of
Charter Financial Planning Ltd.
ABN 35 002 976 294
AFSL No. 234665

This is regulated in the first instance by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) which has specific and sole responsibility for regulating Australian Financial Services Licensees and their Authorised Representatives in their professional capacities. The business is regulated in general terms like most companies also by the Australian Taxation Office and ASIC in respect of the Corporations Law generally.

This business does not provide taxation or accounting advice or services as regulated by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and is not a registered tax agent. These services are provided by Keystone Accounting Pty Ltd. Business consulting advice is provided by Keystone Business Consulting Pty Ltd.

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