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For Business People:
Business Succession Planning by an Accountant in Brisbane

As a Brisbane accountant and certified financial planning practice we specialise in assisting small and medium enterprise owners get the most for and from their businesses.

Our services include: business accounting services; personal tax services; tax effective business succession planning; asset protection planning, and asset accumulation planning through to transition to retirement and retirement investment planning.

There are many opportunities and challenges facing business clients and their businesses.

As a business person you can receive a thorough service that enables you to make decisions in a timely manner using up to date information, and to consider every option to improve your financial position.

Important services to enable you to get the most for and from your business are:

As an accountant in Greater Brisbane we continue to take on new clients - providing comprehensive business accounting, tax, financial planning and investment services - to support the business, financial and lifestyle goals of these clients.

Our Service for You:

The provision of proactive accounting and tax consulting to business people in respect of their business and personal affairs is a challenge.

Our Brisbane Accountant and Certified Financial Planning Practice has documented business processes, up to date software and systems and staff all dedicated and focused on putting the client in the centre of our work activity - and on being up to date and forward looking in our support of your business.

Nevertheless, despite all these things we believe our business should make a continual effort improve our service to enable us to be up to pace with the current circumstances and opportunities relating to a particular client’s business financial affairs.

Our intensive experience with business clients over the last 5 years has been that it is difficult for most business owners themselves to keep up with their own affairs. Consequently, where necessary, our service starts with:

  1. Assisting a business owner to understand the financial position (profit and loss and balance sheet) of their business as it currently stands (up to date book keeping to the current month). As required we supply coaching and assistance to existing book keepers and supply complete book keeping services.

  2. Supporting business owners to have a clear understanding of their current and projected cash flow (forward budgeting) as opposed to their profit and loss (different things) so that they understand the net cash benefit and what the calls on that cash are (tax liability budgeting etc).

After getting the financials of your business absolutely up to date (if necessary), we often are required to:

  1. Provide business advice to enable you to consider the alternative business structures and financial strategies most effective and appropriate for supporting your business model and the stage of development of your business (includes changes to enable improved asset protection, improved staff motivation and ability to obtain key staff, flexibility in tax ineffective investment options etc).

    Often this has never been considered from a strategic perspective before – the particular approach being the consequence of a series of historical decision - and not necessarily ever reviewed as a whole for its suitability to support what your business is doing now.
  1. Provide financial modeling services to enable you to consider the business budgets over a multi year timeframe and the impact of various entity contexts – whether trusts, companies, super funds - and the impact on the cash flows, tax expenses and importantly on your overall personal financial position.

    Our clients have found this process to be very helpful in allowing them to understand the available economic surpluses of their business and the alternatives they have in respect of these surpluses – that is – what they can invest / spend these surpluses on, and the costs associated including tax costs.

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    Financial modeling reports and our taking you through the reports and explaining how to use them enables you to make fully informed decisions about your financial options, including:
    1. The cost of spending more
    2. The advantage of saving or investing – quantified in detail
    3. How money can be most effectively used in your business structure.
  1. Provide options during each financial year to consider, with respect to:
    1. Tax effectively investing the businesses economic surplus,
    2. Re-investing in the business appropriately, tax effectively and within appropriate risk levels.
  1. Personal financial and investment advice in respect of how to get the most out of the economic surplus of the business and your efforts. Including how to fund, structure and tax effectively organize your investments as well as what types of assets and what specific assets should be invested in.
  2. Provide a full implementation service in respect of any recommended changes in:
    1. Business structures or arrangements, including establishment of new entities,
    2. Set-up of electronic accounts,
    3. Set up of banking facilities,
    4. Support in establishing related legal agreements as required,
    5. Business valuations
    6. Financial accounting for sales,
    7. Completion of related tax returns etc.
  1. Provide a full implementation service in respect of all personal financial and investment advice including:
    1. Finance application and broking,
    2. Margin lending implementation,
    3. Cash bank services,
    4. Asset purchase and administration services,
    5. Financial reporting (quarterly) in respect of assets,
    6. Records management (to support tax compliance and investment decision making)
  1. Provide ongoing bookkeeping, accounting, tax, business consulting and financial planning services as per our service agreement agreed with you.
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