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Executives & Senior Professionals:
Asset Protection and Financial Planning in Brisbane

We have solid experience of assisting executives and senior salaried professionals with general financial planning and other more specific advice, including: asset protection, tax effective asset accumulation, tax and specific investment advice and services etc.

  1. Salary packaging
  2. Tax effective growth investments
  3. Superannuation accumulation
  4. Income insurance
  5. Tax management
  6. Asset Protection Planning

This combination allows us to provide a thorough certified f inancial planning service in Brisbane to ensure all opportunities are taken to improve the financial position of these types of clients.

Relevant services for executives and senior professionals are:

By managing the tax affairs of our clients, as well as the comprehensive financial planning services (including personal BAS where agribusiness investments exist) we are able to be proactive about the level of tax and alternate investment and salary packaging opportunities available.

Our Brisbane financial planning experience includes provision of advice and administration in relation to executive and senior professional employee share options and bonus schemes, specialised executive superannuation offers (above the SGC where employer co-payments may be involved), and golden handshake redundancy payouts.

Our Service to you:

We provide a comprehensive financial service to allow a very busy person to simply make decisions and have us look after the records management, reporting (to you), and administration of assets as required.

The foundation of our approach, enabling you to obtain comprehensive and client centred service, is the close cooperation between our tax accountant and certified financial planning teams and business processes.

In addition, although we have our administration centre in Brisbane, we have staff members in regional cities in Queensland and New South Wales, and have a strong technology infrastructure allowing us to provide these services to existing clients around all around Australia.

Our advice is fully documented and we provide close and high levels of support to assist you to investigate alternative financial and investment options. Our service is analogous to the executive support team or the financial team at your work (where they support you in such work related decisions) – except its for your personal financial position.

It is surprising what a relatively small amount of investing can achieve if structured correctly and maintained over the long run. Our financial modeling can quantify the outcomes in your specific circumstances.

So – call us today and make an appointment. It’s just a chat with one of our experienced consultants, at no obligation to get a truly professional opinion. We do not charge for the first appointment (45minutes).

Is there anything you can do now to improve your financial position? Find out by calling us.

Other references you may find useful if you are a legally responsible officer in your organisation:

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