Perth’s Digital Monopoly Closing Thailand Office: Here’s Why

You heard that right: Perth’s Digital Monopoly will be closing its Thailand Office in the coming months. And it’s not because they can’t pay the rent.

In working as one of the top digital marketing companies in Perth, Digital Monopoly has learned a lot of things along the way. The skills and knowledge they have picked up throughout their years in the business are what allow them to provide premium services to all their clients and help fledgling businesses grow into huge successes. What else have they picked up while climbing the ladder to be among Perth’s top digital marketing companies? That personalized services for customers are immensely valuable.

And that’s precisely the reason Digital Monopoly’s Thailand office will soon be closing its doors for good. This was part of Digital Monopoly’s bid to increase their local focus. In doing so, the company has also taken on additional several account managers and AdWords specialists.

The Outcome

After taking such a huge step for their business, Digital Monopoly wanted to reach out to their clients and see how they were responding to the change. The entire effort was for their benefit, after all.

The results? Outstanding.

Digital Monopoly set out to determine whether or not their clients were happier and more confident in dealing with their account managers, knowing that they were residing locally in Victoria Park. The Digital Monopoly review in Perth could not have gone better! Clients all agreed that being able to meet face to face in-house in Victoria Park was a vast improvement over working with account managers based in Thailand. Being able to meet face to face and establish a productive relationship with their new account managers was much more enticing to clients than the option to communicate with them over the phone in Thailand.

Digital Monopoly was met with a positive review overall and great results from the overview of the quality of their work and professionalism under the newly established management and in-house capabilities. Now, Digital Monopoly focuses on 100% local interactions with clients, offering a wide range of services to take care of them and all their digital marketing needs. They have been able to enhance the quality and localize all their services from website design and optimization, to efficiently strategized and executed Google AdWords campaigns, SEO strategies, and more for Perth companies both big and small.

Why Digital Monopoly?

Clients consistently flock to Digital Monopoly for their 100-local approach and the fact that all their services are carried out in-house at the heart of Victoria Park. Having such convenient access to account managers and a highly personalized approach makes clients feel much more confident in the service they are receiving – as well it should, because the results are extremely successful! Digital Monopoly’s team of 25 developers, digital marketing specialists, and account managers are always available to help their clients give their businesses the extra boost they need to reach their full potential!

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