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High Tea

High Tea Hight Tea, Yes please! Think savoury canapes, and all things sweet on your three tiered platter, and we havent forgotten the tea! Enjoy a pot of T2. What more would you want on a... read more

Cocktail Master Class

Cocktail Master Class Be a cocktail master for the day! Mix, taste and shake and drink at the bar. And what better to help you shake it up than some canapés as well! We have the finest bartending... read more

Whole Suckling Pig

Whole Suckling Pig Like Peking style suckling Pig? So do we! Come and enjoy the whole pig at Bungalow 8! Our chef will carve it for you and tell you all the cooking process. The crispy pig come... read more

Life Drawing Class

Life Drawing Class Gorgeous male model, unlimited beverages, delicious food; have I got your attention? Enjoy an afternoon in a private room with art materials supplied so you can create your... read more

Ladies Luau

Ladies Luau Pop down to Bungalow 8 and soak up the sun with your girlfriends to enjoy tiki style dishes, a glass of bubbly and a whole lot’a fun with the girls this weekend! From the starters,... read more

Girls Day Out

Girls Day Out Want to enjoy the warm weather with your girlfriend’s by the water? Well cargo is the place. Come and nibble on share plates and drink bubbles and cocktails as the sun goes down.... read more

Rose Garden Private Bar

Rose Garden Private Bar Would you like your own Champagne Magnum and private Rose garden? Yes? Then come on over to Gazebo Wine Garden and enjoy all this plus share plates and your own private... read more

Rooftop BBQ tops off The ...

The city’s first rooftop barbecue - Sweethearts – will open this weekend as the crowning glory of The Keystone Group’s ‘Sugarmill’, making it Sydney’s ultimate entertainment destination. Paul... read more

World Class Bartenders

theloft has 3 of its bartenders competing in the search for the world’s best cocktail bartender, Diageo’s World Class. This is the biggest cocktail competition in the world and these guys have... read more

Speakeasy Classics

Late in 1919 US Congress passed the Volstead Act which banned the manufacture, sale, consumption or possession of alcohol and prohibition was born! Time tested cocktails like the Mary Pickford,... read more

Spiced Mulled Cider

We’re serving up warm spiced mulled cider during the colder months here at The Winery. It’s super tasty and makes you feel warm and cosy. While cider is fun in the sun, it also makes... read more

The Shiraz Negroni

The negroni is one of the world’s best loved classic cocktails. While enjoyable at any time of the day, it is the quintessential Italian aperitivo cocktail and it’s bracing mixture of gin, Italian... read more

The Yankee Gin Smash

The Yankee Gin Smash, available at all Keystone venues during World Cocktail Week, 4th - 13th May 2012. Tanqueray No. 10 gin, dried cranberries, aromatic mint, fresh lemon and sweet honey. Smashed... read more

Catwalk Collins

Thirsty? check out our latest cocktail creation, the Catwalk Collins. Created for Keystone venues during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. This drink uses Ciroc Vodka as the base, which is a... read more

Bungalow 8's Mussels

Ask any of the locals and they’ll tell you we’re famous for our Mussels. If you’re feeling adventurous, try our delicious recipe for making them at home! Or, let us do the... read more

Keystone Summer Mixtapes

Here at The Keystone Group we’re very passionate about music. We strive to deliver the very best music throughout all of our venues - from international artists right through to Sydney’s best... read more

Meet the Cocktail Team

Keystone Group Cocktail Manager and 2010 Bartender of the Year Jason Williams will be leading the Cocktail team into battle next Wednesday at theloft as they argue that cocktails are far superior... read more

Meet the Wine Team

The Parched March Great Debate is now only 8 days away and our 2 debate teams are shaking, stirring, reading and tasting in preparation. Next Wednesday at theloft our teams will go head to head to... read more

New tipples @ theloft

“The well-made cocktail is one of the most gracious of drinks. It pleases the senses. The shared delight of those who partake in common of this refreshing nectar breaks the ice of formal reserve.... read more

Red Wine Recipes

We love a good vino, but sometimes we forget that wine is not just good for drinking or throwing into the bolognaise sauce. Here are a few somewhat unexpected things to do with red wine, courtesy... read more

Love a Mango Daiquiri

I used to hate mango daiquiri’s, now I love them. You should too. Check out this article to hear more about them and where they came from. And if you’re keen, try my recipe below. Fresh... read more

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